April AVC Message: 2017 Federal Outlook


The first three months of the new administration in Washington has raised a number of concerns for those of us in higher education. While most of the appointments below the cabinet level have not been made yet, there have been a number of significant decisions made by the Trump administration in several important areas. The “skinny budget” released in March proposed massive cuts to federal agencies and departments such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Department of Energy (DOE). These impacted agencies and departments are major funding sources for UCLA’s $1 billion research portfolio. Continue reading

TAKE ACTION: Support Federally Funded Research For UCLA, UC

Dear Advocates,

As a supporter of the University of California, we ask you to join us in urging Congress to support robust investments in federal research funding. Federal funds are the university’s single most important source of support for research.

Federally funded research is the fuel that drives UC breakthroughs to improve health, advance science and create knowledge. UC researchers identify disease causes and develop cures and life-enhancing biotechnologies – but the funding that makes this possible is at risk.

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UCLA Medalist John Lewis: ‘I found a way to get in the way’

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block bestows the UCLA Medal on Congressman John Lewis. (photos by Marc Roseboro)

U.S. Rep. John Lewis, a living icon of the civil rights movement, relived for 1,300 rapt listeners in Royce Hall today key moments in the long struggle for equality, telling compelling personal stories — sometimes dark, but other times light-hearted anecdotes — taken right out of the pages of American history.

In a talk interrupted frequently by thunderous applause, standing ovations and laughter from the audience, Lewis vividly recalled from his childhood the warnings his family gave him to keep quiet when he questioned why black children had to sit in the balcony to watch movies at their local theater and why he was denied a library card when whites could borrow books from the local library.

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Run As One 5K Invites Veteran Collaboration

The Run As One 5K began at Jackie Robinson Stadium for the second year in a row. (all photos by Jonathan Van Dyke)

For Joe Thompson, the sight of so many veterans lined up for a morning run, jog or walk (with an assist from the occasional four-legged friend) was a sign that bringing veteran groups together was as needed as ever.

Thompson, membership coordinator for Team Rubicon, helped organize the Sixth Annual Run as One 5K on April 1, which began from Jackie Robinson Stadium, located on the campus of the West Los Angeles VA, for the second year in a row. The event is a collaborative effort between veteran organizations Team Rubicon, Mission Continues and Team Red, White and Blue. This year, Student Veterans Association (SVA) and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association (IAVA) were also involved in the effort. There were approximately 150 veterans and civilians in attendance and more than 15 veterans-oriented vendors came to support and inform at the 5K.

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UC President Napolitano Outlines Federal Funding Priorities

Late last week, UC Federal Governmental Relations shared with the California congressional delegation a letter from President Napolitano that outlines the University’s FY 2018 federal funding priorities:

As Congress begins work on appropriations for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018, the University of California (UC) urges your full support for federal programs that are critical to the University’s ability to successfully carry out its education, research, health care, and public service missions.

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