UCLA advocates make the case for increased funding to SoCal legislators

UCLA advocates take to the hallways of the State Capitol on UC Day in Sacramento. (photos by Jonathan Van Dyke)

At any given moment on March 8, the hallways of the California State Capitol bustled with enthusiastic Bruins extolling the virtues of renewed and continued investment in the state’s public higher education system.

If you turned down one corridor, you found one group of campus representatives patiently going over their talking points among themselves before walking into the office of Assemblymember and 2004 UCLA alumnus Matt Dababneh to present their case.


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Chancellor Block Introduces Immigration Advisory Council

To the Campus Community:

On Monday, the White House issued a revised executive order that severely restricts immigration and travel to the United States from six predominantly Muslim countries and temporarily bans refugees from around the world.

I wrote in January that the Trump administration’s initial immigration executive order clashed with universities’ core values, which are to encourage the free exchange of scholarship, knowledge and ideas — and the same is true of Monday’s executive order.

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