State Bill Watchlist: Summer 2016 Update

The UCLA State Relations team has been working hard and closely with the UC Office of the President and state lawmakers on a number of bills this legislative session. Below is a list of the highest profile bills set to impact UC and UCLA, the system’s position, and the status of each.



AB 2664 University of California: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expansion (Irwin – D)

Allocates $66 million to the University of California system, with the purpose of expanding the infrastructure necessary to increase innovation and entrepreneurship, which in turn, would create greater economic development for the state

Status: Passed Senate Education Committee 6/29/16 (Passed Assembly 5/31/16)

SB 1050 Post-Secondary Education: College Readiness (de León – D)

Establishes the K-12 College Readiness Block grant, which would be targeted at California high school students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds, in order to better prepare them to enter institutions such as UC and CSU, and then to increase their four-year college-going rates. It would require UC to develop a plan to increase California resident admissions from high schools with 75 percent-or-greater free or reduced-price meals students

Status: Referred to Assembly Higher Education Committee 6/6/16 (Passed Senate 5/31/16)


AB 1711 University of California: Nonresident Student Enrollment (McCarty – D and Medina – D)

In order to receive state funding, UC would need to establish a policy requiring each campus to admit only non-resident undergraduate students who exceed the qualifications of resident undergraduate students.

Status: Failed to Pass Senate Education Committee 6/29/16, Reconsideration Granted (Passed Assembly 6/1/16)

SB 959 University of California: Contracts: Bidding (Lara – D)

Requires contract bidders on University of California business to propose rates equal (salary and benefits) to UC staff performing similar functions, including in areas such as custodial services, security services, food services, landscaping, grounds keeping, and building maintenance.

Status: Passed Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review Committee 6/29/16 (Passed Senate 6/1/16)

Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA) 1 University of California: Terms of Regents (Lara – D)

Creates four-year terms for new UC Regents, and it would prohibit any Regent from serving for more than 16 years.

Status: Passed Senate Appropriations Committee 5/27/16

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