UCLA’s Federal Relations Office serves as a liaison between UCLA and members of Congress, their staffs, and executive branch agencies. We promote UCLA’s research, education and public service activities in an effort to increase federal support for the campus and to expand awareness of UCLA in Washington, D.C. Our office provides support and service both to the campus and to the University of California Office of the President.

The Federal Relations staff works with legislators who are important to the campus because they represent a Southern California district; serve on committees whose decisions are critical to higher education and research; represent constituents who work, learn and benefit from the University’s presence; or count themselves among its alumni.

The issues we address vary widely, encompassing everything from higher-education grants and loans to rules for international student visas, intellectual property laws and research-funding decisions. Simply put, any interaction between UCLA and the federal government is a focus for the Federal Relations team.

Our success is critical to UCLA’s future. With more than $500 million in federally supported research projects and more than one-third of our undergraduate students receiving federal financial aid, maintaining good working relationships with federal legislators and executive branch agencies is essential.