Letter: Don’t Let Congress Pass Tax Reform at the Expense of Students

President Napolitano, Student Regent Paul Monge and Student Regent-designate Devon Graves sent the following email to UC supporters on Nov. 28, urging them to take action against proposed tax reforms moving through Congress:


Tax reform should make college more affordable, not less accessible. Bills moving in both the House of Representatives and the Senate will negatively impact our university community – Congress shouldn’t pass tax reform on the backs of UC students.

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UCLA, VA launch first-of-its-kind family wellness center, new legal clinic for veterans

Chancellor Gene Block greets 4-year-old who led the Pledge of Allegiance at UCLA-VA launch. (all photos by Reed Hutchinson/UCLA)

For veterans at risk of homelessness, the tipping point can be as trivial as a jaywalking ticket.

Too often, a veteran can’t afford to pay the fee for that ticket, and then can’t get to court to explain the circumstances — perhaps because of a lack of access to public transportation, an inability to miss a day of work or crippling depression. Late-payment fines are tacked on to the original fine. A court warrant, a revoked driver’s license and a ruined credit history follow.

What might have seemed like a trivial citation has spiraled into a serious obstacle to being approved for housing, finding employment, driving to doctor’s appointments and reintegrating into civilian life.

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UCLA Outreach events at schools help demystify the application process for students

UCLA admissions and financial aid representatives packed several high schools in greater Los Angeles in October helping students navigate the complex processes.

On Saturday, Oct. 21 high school senior Edwin Jackson rolled out of bed to go to school. He and some of his classmates at Robert F. Kennedy UCLA Community School, along with a smattering of family members, listened intently to UCLA officials as they discussed the admissions process and financial aid help.

Jackson was eager to learn as much as he could about the college experience, and specifically about how to become a computer science engineer at a University of California school.

“I came here this morning to gain tips on how to apply to a UC school,” Jackson said. “UCLA is probably a dream school of mine because it’s close to home and I could get the higher education that my parents didn’t, and that’s something I really want to do.”

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Broad array of UCLA community members advocate to elected officials in downtown L.A.

Jermeen Sherman, assistant director of UCLA Extension’s Custom Program and Corporate Education, and others meet with L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson.

From the top of Los Angeles City Hall with a nearly 360-view, Jermeen Sherman could look out toward every part of the county.

She, and approximately 50 other UCLA students, faculty, staff and alumni, were preparing to meet with elected officials, or their staff, from all 15 city council and all five Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor districts to discuss workforce development, entrepreneurship and career readiness.

The meetings were part of UCLA Day with Local Government in downtown Los Angeles, which is meant to show government officials the university resources available to the community and partnership opportunities between UCLA and every corner of the county where it’s located.

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UCLA Advocate of the Year: Dennis Gutierrez Speaks Up For Higher Education

Dennis Gutierrez is always ready to extoll the virtues of UCLA and higher education.

Dennis Gutierrez is a man with a message. He has never been afraid to speak up, and that stick-to-itiveness has served him well in every new vocation and every cause he’s promoted, including that of his alma mater UCLA.

“I’ve had nine careers in my life,” he said with a laugh reflecting on his own personal resume. “It’s like, ‘What do you do?’ Look, I learned a long time ago that you follow your passion. If you do not follow your passion, it’s work, and if it’s work, you’ll never be good at it.”

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UCLA Landmark Community Program of the Year: Caring for the Underserved

Through Song-Brown grant money, UCLA family nurse practitioner students go out into underserved communities for their training.

Professor Mary Ann Lewis only wants students in her UCLA family nurse practitioner (FNP) program who understand what it really means to have that title.

“We’re not preparing family nurse practitioners to practice dermatology in Beverly Hills, that’s not our philosophy. Nursing has always meant taking care of the poor. From public health nursing in the early 1900s, all the immigrant communities, they took care of the poor, that is nursing’s forte.”

Through California Song-Brown grants, the Caring for the Underserved program was born more than 20 years ago, pairing UCLA School of Nursing with community health clinics around the Los Angeles region. Now, the program is being recognized for its longterm successes with the UCLA Landmark Community Program of the Year.

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