TAKE ACTION: Protect Education and Research Funding

Dear Advocates,

As a supporter of the University of California, we ask you to join us in calling on Congress to invest in federal research and education programs. Federal funds are critical to the university’s ability to educate the next-generation workforce, advance scientific breakthroughs and provide world-class medical training.

But the funds that make this possible are at risk. The White House Budget Request for federal Fiscal Year 2018 proposes to cut $54 billion from federal programs, including many critical to UC and universities across the country.

Ask Congress to invest in education and research programs


If passed, the proposed budget would:

• Cut federal research and development programs funding by more than 16 percent – undermining scientific progress and new technologies and innovations for America.

• Reduce funding for the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation – by $7.2 billion and $819 million, respectively. Combined, UC receives three-quarters of its federal research funds from these two agencies.

• Eliminate the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and cut the Federal Work-Study Program by more than 50 percent – totaling a $1.2 billion loss – as well as rescind $3.9 billion from previously appropriated Pell Grant funding.

• Cut an additional $400 million from other important higher education programs that affect UC.

The proposed cuts would be devastating for California and the nation, and would stifle UC’s ability to solve our country’s most pressing needs and challenges.

Please help ensure that UC continues to remain accessible while serving as an engine for economic growth and innovation by asking your members of Congress to support robust and sustained investments in education and research funding.

Thank you,

Janet Napolitano

President, University of California

Protect Education and Research Funding



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