UC Response to State Audit

A March 29 audit released by the California State Auditor is critical of the number of non-resident students UC admits each year in comparison to local students, as well as its admissions policies and fiscal transparency and responsibility.

Many of the conclusions drawn by the audit are not supported by facts, and UC has issued a report that responds to the audit’s conclusions.


The report comes in the wake of a recovering California economy, where severe cuts by the Governor and Legislature reduced UC’s budget by approximately one-third in recent years. With non-residents paying roughly $23,000 a year more than residents, the addition of non-resident students has allowed UC campuses, and UCLA specifically, to maintain quality and access for California residents. The number of California residents has remained steady despite increases in non-resident enrollment (see graph below and Mythbusters). Furthermore, UCLA will enroll an additional 750 California students for Fall 2016 (600 freshman and 150 transfers) and it will add another 750 residents on top of that by Fall 2018, in line with new funding from the state.

The UC report also disagrees with the audit’s assertions that UC admissions policies disadvantage California students, and underrepresented students.

We urge you to read the audit and UC’s report, and help to dispel the inaccuracies of the audit among friends, colleagues, and other concerned Californians.

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