Take Action: Tell Sacramento to support UC students

Dear Advocates,

As a supporter of the University of California, I ask you to join me in urging the State Legislature to invest in UC and its students. State funding creates opportunity to a world-class institution for thousands of Californians each year, supports innovation and entrepreneurship efforts that power the state’s economy, and trains the next generation of doctors, engineers, and artists. Just this week, six UC schools ranked in the top 10 of NY Times “Top Colleges Doing the Most for the American Dream.”

Ask Sacramento to support UC Students


When UC grows enrollment, state support is needed to hire faculty and teaching assistants, provide modern academic facilities, and ensure student success through academic support services. UC campuses cannot provide a high-quality education for more California undergraduate and graduate students without adequate state funding.

As the California legislature finalizes its 2017/18 budget proposal to send to Governor Brown, UC is requesting that:

• New student enrollment be supported with state investment.

• The Legislature identify other resources to fund financial aid for students at private institutions rather than taking it from UC and CSU.

Please help ensure that UC can continue to provide California undergraduate and graduate students with the unparalleled education we appreciate and expect at UC. Reach out now to your State Legislators and ask them to invest in UC and our students.

Thank you,

Meredith Turner

Associate Director, Advocacy

Ask Sacramento to support UC Students


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