Raise Your Voice for Higher Education!

Keith S. Parker, AVC

In the November 2012 and May 2013 elections, there were a significant number of newly elected members of Congress, the California legislature, and in the local government. On November 4, 2014 there will be more new members elected at the local, state and federal levels. UCLA needs advocates that have strong relationships with these newly elected members. If you have not already, join Bruin Caucus, our volunteer advocacy group. UCLA and the future of higher education (#highered) depends on your participation. Raise Your Voice for Higher Education!

Voter turnout has been decreasing over the past few years. As concerned citizens, we have to reverse this trend. For the November 4 election, it is important that you are registered to vote and that you do vote. If you are not registered, you can register to vote online. The deadline to register in the November election is October 20. Make sure you are registered and encourage others to also register and vote.

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