Our Work

UCLA’s Federal Government Relations (FGR) unit within the Office of Government and Community Relations represents the Chancellor and the University in engaging with Members of Congress and their staffs, the White House, and Executive Branch agencies. Our goal is to promote UCLA’s academic, research, and public service missions in an effort to build Federal support for campus programs and activities. FGR provides support to both the campus and to the University of California’s FGR office in Washington, DC.

The FGR program manages relationships with:

The issues we cover vary widely, including higher education programs, student aid, budget and appropriations, science and technology, arts and humanities, environmental sustainability, tax policy, copyright and intellectual property laws, and other regulations. Simply put, any interaction between UCLA and the Federal government is a focus for the FGR team. With more than $500 million in federally-supported research projects and more than one-third of our undergraduate students receiving federal financial aid, our success is critical to UCLA’s future. However, our Federal advocacy program can only be successful with the support and involvement of students, faculty, alumni and advocates in our efforts to broaden the awareness of UCLA activities at the Federal level.


Ashley Fumiko Dominguez
Assistant Director, Federal Relations | adominguez@support.ucla.edu

Hillary MacInnes Galey
Assistant Director, Federal Relations | hmacinnes@support.ucla.edu

Jacqueline Espinoza
Administrative Assistant | jespinoza@support.ucla.edu


Assigned To
AerospaceHillary MacInnes Galey
AgricultureHillary MacInnes Galey
Applied ScienceHillary MacInnes Galey
Art (Arts & Architecture)Ashley Fumiko Dominguez
AthleticsAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Business (Anderson School)Hillary MacInnes Galey
Civil RightsAshley Dominguez
DentistryHillary MacInnes Galey
Education (Ed & Info Studies)Ashley Fumiko Dominguez
EnergyHillary MacInnes Galey
EngineeringHillary MacInnes Galey
Environment Hillary MacInnes Galey
Entertainment (Theater, Film, & TV)Ashley Dominguez
Ethics Hillary MacInnes Galey and Ashley Fumiko Dominguez
Financial AidAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Foreign AffairsAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Foreign InfluenceAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Global HealthHillary MacInnes Galey and Ashley Fumiko Dominguez
Graduate DivisionHillary MacInnes Galey and Ashley Fumiko Dominguez
HealthHillary MacInnes Galey and Ashley Fumiko Dominguez
Higher EducationAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Human RightsAshley Fumiko Dominguez
HumanitiesAshley Fumiko Dominguez
ImmigrationAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Information Technology Hillary MacInnes Galey
Intellectual PropertyHillary MacInnes Galey
IntelligenceAshley Fumiko Dominguez
LaborAshley Fumiko Dominguez
LawAshley Fumiko Dominguez
LibraryAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Life ScienceHillary MacInnes Galey
MathematicsHillary MacInnes Galey
National SecurityAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Net NeutralityHillary MacInnes Galey
NursingHillary MacInnes Galey
Physical ScienceHillary MacInnes Galey
PrivacyHillary MacInnes Galey and Ashley Dominguez
Public AffairsAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Public HealthHillary MacInnes Galey
QuantumHillary MacInnes Galey
ScienceHillary MacInnes Galey
Small BusinessAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Social ScienceAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Student IssuesAshley Fumiko Dominguez
TaxHillary MacInnes Galey
TechnologyHillary MacInnes Galey
Tech TransferHillary MacInnes Galey
TelecommunicationsHillary MacInnes Galey
Title IXAshley Fumiko Dominguez
TradeAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Transportation and InfrastructureAshley Fumiko Dominguez
UnionsAshley Fumiko Dominguez
Veterans’ AffairsAshley Fumiko Dominguez
West LA VAAshley Fumiko Dominguez

* Ashley covers North Campus and Hillary covers South Campus