Sending a letter via fax, email, snail mail or calling the Congressional members who represents the district you live in is an effective way to get your message across. Staff members take note of every letter sent on each issue. Many Congressional members are also active on social media and the office keeps track of how many messages on social media pertain to each issue.

Step One

Find your Federal Senators and Representative using these tools.

Step Two

Find your Congressional member’s mailing address, phone number, and social media handle on our social media hub

Step Three

Copy and paste the text from these sample letter templates to specific Members of Congress, customize to add your story where appropriate, and send this to your Federal Representatives, and also copy UCLA’s Federal Government Relations office.

Step Four

Use our social media tips (hyperlink to tips page) to engage with Congressional members, giving them kudos for championing issues you support, and reminding them where their agenda items connect with the values of higher education. Try to engage every day, or every other day, so you sustain the level of support and attention, establishing a lasting social media relationship

If calling is your medium of choice, use our talking points