Take Action: Presidential Budget Could Cut Into UCLA Research

UCLA research could be impacted due to cuts in the proposed federal budget for the next fiscal year.

President Donald Trump’s initial budget proposal could have major impacts on UCLA research programs due to how much support we receive from various federal agencies now targeted by the Administration for large potential budget cuts.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) gave $387.4 million in federal grant money to UCLA for Fiscal Year 2016, or approximately 63.7 percent of all federal money coming into the university.

Compare that to the second largest federal funder, the National Science Foundation (NSF), which gave $79.3 million, or only 13 percent.

The NIH amount has actually increased almost $50 million versus Fiscal Year 2013 — an indication of bipartisan support.

Trump’s budget proposal calls for the NIH to be cut by 18.3 percent, or roughly $5.8 billion. And while those figures refer to nationally distributed money, it is clear that UCLA will feel a significant impact, should Congress choose to adopt Trump’s budget unchanged.

There are several agencies that fund UCLA research that will increase under the Trump budget including the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.

Many, however, will see decreases: Departments of Health and Human Services (in charge of NIH), Energy, Education, NASA, and others.

UCLA Advocacy will keep you updated when the President’s official budget is submitted to Congress in May. We will also identify opportunities for you to advocate and share with your elected representatives the importance of research funding once the Fiscal Year 2018 budget hearings season begins in late May or early June.

You can find your federal legislators using these tools. Visit those elected officials’ websites and sign up for their newsletters to keep on top of things. You can also use social media to support their efforts in Congress to protect research funding since many members of Congress are very active on social media — find their social media handles by clicking here.


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