Thank you for participating in UCLA in DC advocacy efforts. We need your help in amplifying this event on social media. We’re not asking you to make grand policy positions, instead we are encouraging you to use personal anecdotes of what this experience means to you and how it feels to be supporting UCLA and future students access higher education.

  • Use the official hashtag on UCLA in DC related posts: #UCLAinDC
  • Follow @UCLAadvocacy (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) and your representative on social media, also email your handle to
  • Prior to the event, post photos of you preparing for the event (ex. packing, arriving at the airport, practicing you talk to lawmakers, reading background material, taking photos at interesting places on campus)
  • Document your experience during and after DC Day: thank elected officials you meet, take photos and videos of what you see around DC
  • Change your profile picture to the UCLA in DC profile picture on Sunday May 15.

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