Your Efforts Are Succeeding at Making UC Special

Dear UC Advocate,

Thank you for your support and efforts on behalf of the University of California during the past year.  While the negotiations were tough at times, your voice was heard. UC had a successful budget outcome that froze tuition increases for two additional years and increased the state investment to put UC on sound financial footing over the near term.  This would not have happened without your efforts.


In recent visits with State leaders in Sacramento, President Janet Napolitano has said that her top priorities for UC this year include increasing California resident enrollment growth, limiting time to degree for our students, and increasing educational quality. Because I know you also share this commitment to quality and understand the value of a UC degree, I am passing along a summary of recent national and international university rankings.  While none of these ranking systems is perfect, it is clear that California has an exceptional educational jewel that is a cut above the rest– our campuses consistently rank at the top of many lists, regardless of the factors considered.  (UC Newsroom story on rankings).

This reputation, built over many decades, is invaluable to our students and our economy.  We hope we can count on you to share this information in your circles of influence as we work together to continue to strengthen the University of California.


Steve Juarez

Associate Vice President & Director

UC State Governmental Relations

Your continuing advocacy is critical to strengthening UC.  Join us at!

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