Underrepresented Students to Benefit from New UCLA-Congregation Partnership

Community members and education officials came together for a new partnership between UCLA and FAME Church.

On Sept. 25, Rev. J. Edgar Boyd of First A.M.E. (FAME) Church announced a new Academic Preparation Partnership with the University of California and UCLA.

Assistant Vice Chancellor Keith Parker joined Los Angeles Unified School District Boardmember Dr. George McKenna to speak to the congregation that day about the benefits of the partnership and the desired outcome of more students entering the educational pipeline.



Parker emphasized the importance of FAME’s leadership and commitment to ensuring support for underrepresented students, and McKenna spoke on how LAUSD will be supporting this initiative.

The partnership will focus on academic preparation at all levels of elementary and secondary education. A key programmatic component will be parental involvement. The proposed program will also provide tutorial support, college counseling and on-campus experiences at UCLA.

Dr. Yvette Gullatt, University of California Vice Provost and Chief Outreach Officer, also attended the announcement to convey institutional support from the UC Office of the President. Officials noted that the new partnership could provide a model that can be replicated by other community based organizations around the city and state.


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