Mythbusters: Humanities

UCLA has always been proud of its Humanities research and majors, which are areas with a number of real world applications and impacts on the local, state, national and world stages.




UCLA humanities research and majors do not have real world applications and impact.


• Departments and programs under the Humanities banner are far reaching and the alumni they produce enrich Los Angeles and beyond by ensuring future generations never lose touch with the sources of our common humanity — shared understanding of language, history, culture, literature, law, philosophy, religion, and more.

• Studies regarding the Humanities have real world applications across the planet. For example, studies on human expression through social media during the Arab Spring can, in turn, help predict where future violence may flare up.

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• Currently, there are more than 3,000 students enrolled at UCLA in a Humanities major, with a total number of alumni at more than 44,500. Employers, especially in the STEM categories, continue to place emphasis on having Humanities backgrounds — think the doctor who has good bedside manner. Humanities are thought of as a good way to balance one’s education and diversify skill sets.

• Humanities research funding also goes to the preservation of our humanity — from digitizing collections of newspapers, magazines, personal papers, and photographs that pertain to the Mexican-American experience in Los Angeles to setting up a digital library for Ancient Egyptian Architecture.

• Important funding by the National Endowment for the Humanities totaled approximately $3 million in the current cycle.

• Humanities departments and programs include Art History, Classics, English, LGBTS, Musicology, Philosophy, Writing, Urban Humanities, Comparative Literature, Law and Philosophy, Linguistics, Religion, and more. UCLA, an international institution, offers a breadth of languages and area studies including German, Italian, East European, Eurasian, Asian, French, Indo-European, Near Eastern, Scandinavian, Spanish, Portuguese, and more.

The University ranks No. 3 on the 10 most innovative colleges for foreign language study by “Best Colleges”. Its Musicology major is ranked No. 1 in the National Research Council Survey. The English and History graduate programs rank in the Top 10 by the “U.S. News”.

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