Educational Leaders Discuss New Administration, Executive Order Impacts

(from left) Los Angeles Community College District Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez, Senator Ricardo Lara, Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León, and Chancellor Gene Block.

On April 29, Moore Hall was the site of a meeting of the educational minds to discuss the implications the new presidential administration is having, and could potentially have, on the local K-12 and higher education communities in the coming years.

The program, called Moving Forward In Education: Responding to the Challenges of the Next Four Years, was presented by the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies’ (GSEIS) Education Leadership Program.

Keynote speakers included California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León, Senator Ricardo Lara, Los Angeles Community College District Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez and Dr. Pedro Noguera, who is the director for the Center for the Study of School Transformation at GSEIS.

Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León speaks with the crowd in regards to immigration and education.

The symposium was hosted with the goal of providing attendees — dozens of K-12, community college, and university educators — a forum with experts to discuss current and forthcoming changes to immigration and education policies initiated by the new federal administration. UCLA Chancellor Gene Block gave the opening remarks.

The program included three main topics covered by the various speakers:

• Dealing with Hate: Talking to each other in a time of uncertainty.

• Looking Forward: The impacts of Executive Orders and Department of Education policies on colleges and students.

• Executive Orders and DACA: Implications for colleges, schools and vulnerable students, and what can be done.

Senator Ricardo Lara addresses the crowd during the April 29 education forum.

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