New UCLA Students Ready To Make Volunteer Day Memories

UCLA students volunteering at a veteran’s home and sanding furniture for Volunteer Day 2014. (Christelle Snow/UCLA)

When thousands of incoming freshmen and transfer students blanket Los Angeles County for UCLA’s annual Volunteer Day this Saturday, organizers strive to create a meaningful day everyone will remember.

“We want to leave a lasting impression,” said Walen Ngo, program manager at UCLA Extension’s business, management and legal programs department. Ngo will lead a group of those young volunteers to serve at the Veterans Home of West Los Angeles, an experience he hopes and believes they will cherish well beyond Saturday.

“It’s really worthwhile to open the eyes of the volunteers to this home and these people who have given so much to our country,” Ngo said. “The little we can do on Volunteer Day will hopefully inspire them to continue to give back.”


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MYTHBUSTERS: Public Funding


The state budget continues to be a point of debate among California legislators and the UCLA community at large. Learn the facts about how much money the state contributes to the UCLA budget and which items and services that money specifically pays for.

MYTH: Because the state budget allocation is such a small part of UCLA’s total budget, the university can do without California’s support.

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