UCLA Researchers Bring Quantum Computing Revolution to Washington, D.C.

UCLA professors were a part of a special panel on quantum computing that was held at the House Science Committee Briefing Room in Washington, D.C.

To think of quantum computing is to think of solving problems that today’s computers wouldn’t be able to finish in a lifetime, or, perhaps, even a lifetime of an entire universe.

It is with that promise of scale, that UCLA researchers hosted a panel in Washington, D.C., to answer questions as the federal government grapples with how to keep up with this fast moving research.

On Sept. 25, the Quantum Computing: Exploring the Information Revolution panel discussion was held in the House Science Committee Briefing Room, where the panelists explored the current state of quantum computing technology along with potential opportunities for the field from the perspective of academic and industry leaders.

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Workshop Highlights How To Apply for Governor Appointments

Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager-Dove introduces a special California State Boards and Commissions Appointments Workshop at the UCLA Faculty Center. (photos by Jonathan Van Dyke)

The California Governor is in charge of more than 3,000 appointments to more than 295 boards and commissions that span topics ranging from medicine, to water, and even the movie industry.

Civically engaged volunteer applicants are needed continually to fill these positions, and UCLA Government and Community Relations partnered with 54th District Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager-Dove to offer a special workshop for the campus community to describe the process of applying.

More than 200 people attended the special California State Boards and Commissions Appointments Workshop on Sept. 27, which was hosted at the UCLA Faculty Center. Governor Jerry Brown’s Appointment Secretary Mona Pasquil moderated. She and a panel of four current and former board and commission members introduced instructions for how to apply while answering audience questions.

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