Intern finds unifying message in advocacy

Graduate preps for the next step

Aurelia Friedman enjoys getting caught in the middle of a good debate.

The newly minted graduate, who will take part in three commencement ceremonies this month, made it a priority during her time at UCLA to help bridge the gap between disparate parties on a number of subjects, especially political hot-button issues involving students and UC administrators.

UCLA graduate Aurelia Friedman finished up her internship with the Government and Community Relations Office last week.

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UCLA staff celebrate program that taught them English, changed their lives

Third-year student Luzdelia Caballero (in floral dress) tutored Avelina Salcedo (blue T-shirt) in Project SPELL. They joined other participants at a graduation celebration on June 5.A

Although Avelina Salcedo came to this country from Mexico more than 30 years ago, she was not comfortable speaking in English at her job as a food service worker at UCLA’s Bruin Plate dining hall. “I was ashamed to talk, out of fear of saying something incorrect,” she admitted.

But all that has changed because of a campus program hosted by the UCLA Volunteer Center to help staff like Salcedo in Housing and Hospitality Services as well as in Facilities Management improve their English and computer literacy skills. “I am confident now,” Salcedo said proudly. And last Friday, June 5, she proved it by speaking in English in front of a crowd for the first time in her life.

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Students Advocate For Increased UC Enrollment


UCLA student Zach Helder chats with legislative staff member Tiffany Mok during an advocacy trip on Tuesday.

Capitol visit makes headway

UCLA student Trent Kajikawa woke up to a 6 a.m. alarm Tuesday morning, scrambled to LAX, flew to Sacramento, dashed between discussions with as many legislative influencers as possible and flew back home before the night was done – a whirlwind day of advocacy for UCLA and the UC system.

Was it a worthy time investment? To Kajikawa, absolutely, who said he felt his and fellow student Zach Helder’s visit to Sacramento actually made a difference in the state budget conversation. They were heard.

“We’re hitting the nail and really addressing something that can help students succeed,” he said. “We moved the needle a little bit. That, to me, is really something. We just have to continue to stress this.”

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UCLA Blueprint Enjoys Debut Night

Magazine tackles tough issues

Blueprint hit the ground running Wednesday night with a rousing example of what it can do and what it can be.

Hosted by Chancellor Gene Block at his official university residence, some 150 elected officials, journalists, judges, academics and students gathered to celebrate Blueprint, discuss its first issue and consider the challenges it examines – notably, the marshalling of research and data in pursuit of public safety. Continue reading