Rep. Ted Lieu Examines Innovation Issues Through UCLA Roundtable

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu led a roundtable on innovation. (photo by Jonathan Van Dyke)

U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) visited the UCLA Faculty Center on May 9 for a special Innovation 2.0 Roundtable discussion with some of the brightest local industry leaders.

“My goal is that you learn something new, I learn something new, and that we find something Congress can pass,” he said.

The roundtable was held in order to inform Congress on the ways experts think the government can help enable innovation to thrive. Topics varied dramatically and included video testimony in the courthouse, video games aimed at girls, the UCLA Foundation, equity firms, tort reform, Pivot T.V., STEM games, satellite manufacturing, and patent reform, among others.

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College Climate Assembly Committee Examines Freedom Of Expression

The Assembly Select Committee On Campus Climate held a special public hearing on freedom of expression at UCLA on May 6. (photo by Jonathan Van Dyke)

The California Assembly Select Committee On Campus Climate visited UCLA on May 6 to conduct a special hearing examining the role of freedom of expression on increasingly diverse college and university campuses.

This was the committee’s third hearing this legislative session. The first two hearings focused on sexual violence on college campuses and student homelessness. The intention of the hearings were to not only broach difficult subjects, but for the committee to visit a number of campuses throughout the state.

Testimony was given by top university officials, students, and representatives from the Anti-Defamation League, Council of American-Islamic Relations, American Civil Liberties Union and National conflict Resolution Center.

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UCLA Helps Kick Off 35th Senate District Race With First Forum

Members of the public gathered at CSU Dominguez Hills on April 20 for a first look at the 35th Senate District candidates in a forum co-hosted by UCLA. (photo by Jonathan Van Dyke)

UCLA and California State University, Dominguez Hills, partnered on April 20 to bring the public its first forum for the 35th California Senate District.

Assemblymember Steven Bradford and former Assemblymember Warren Furutani debated and put forth their ideas on various subjects including poverty, homelessness, veterans, the Los Angeles Rams, minimum wage, racism, business, and of course, higher education.

The California Primary Election date is set for June 7, and voters must register to vote (online or postmark) by May 23.

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UCLA Pairs With Veterans Groups For Annual Run

Runners from all backgrounds gathered April 16 to run a special 5K through the West Los Angeles VA Campus. (photo by Jonathan Van Dyke)

For the first time, Jackie Robinson Stadium played host to the Fifth Annual Run As One 5K — the start of a new partnership that organizers hope will elevate the veterans and community event to even higher levels.

Participants raised donations for the three main event organizations: Team Rubicon; Team Red, White and Blue; and Mission Continues. With its strong ties to the West Los Angeles VA Campus, UCLA stepped in this year to provide another partner in what is quickly becoming a community staple.

The purpose of the run is to bring together veterans supporters and organizations with a common focus to enrich, enable and empower veterans.

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