All About Al: Bruin Caucus Advocate of the Year

Al smiling

Albert (Al) Aubin, Ed.D. is nationally regarded as the consummate student affairs professional. He is a talented counselor of students and devoted mentor to counseling staff at the UCLA Career Center. Beyond his primary role in which he has delivered superior career development services to students and alumni, Al has consistently contributed to numerous campus-wide initiatives. He has been “of service” to the UCLA campus and community for more than 40 years. These diverse and challenging activities have not precluded Al’s pursuing elected, demanding service as a member of the University Credit Union’s Board of Directors, where he contributes strong organizational leadership and successful recommendations for diversifying member representation. He has participated in Bruin Caucus and is a current member of the Bruin Caucus Council.
We sat down our Advocate of the Year recently and asked him two key questions about his time at UCLA:

What stands out to you about the campus?

AA: I have always been impressed with the achievement of the University in such a short period of time. UCLA is not yet 100 years old and yet the list of accomplishments match up or exceed much older universities.

The diversity at UCLA stands out to me, but in terms of diversity “within” diversity. Almost like a mosaic. There are moments of awe in my interactions with students whether current or former. Their energy and passion keep me engaged.

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