UCLA Panel Seeks Solutions For Ending Homelessness

NBC4 anchor Conan Nolan moderates a panel between 14th District City Councilman José Huizar and Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative Director Phil Ansell.

To end homelessness in Los Angeles, it will take a host of community partnerships and a holistic approach, city and county officials said during a panel hosted by UCLA.

“It’s affecting everyone now,” said 14th District City Councilman José Huizar, when asked about why homelessness has just now been declared an emergency crisis situation. “There are encampments in areas where we’d never expect them.”

On Thursday, Oct. 8, NBC4 anchor Conan Nolan moderated a special panel featuring Huizar and Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative Director Phil Ansell at Deaton Auditorium at LAPD headquarters, part of UCLA Day in Downtown LA.

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Los Angeles Lawmakers Welcome UCLA Advocacy Partners

UCLA advocates meet with Fourth District City Councilman David Ryu for UCLA Day in Downtown LA.

The journey for some UCLA advocates on Oct. 8 started as early as 9 a.m., meeting with City Council President Herb Wesson in his district office.

That meeting would set the stage for more than a dozen others at City Hall and the Hall of Administration later in the day for a 60-plus delegation of UCLA students, alumni, faculty, and staff, part of the annual UCLA Day in Downtown LA, an annual event.

In addition to reminding local elected officials of the number of alumni, staff, retirees, and students who live and contribute to the local economies in their districts, as well as the many UCLA programs that make an impact in their regions, this year’s meetings focused on addressing homelessness in Los Angeles.

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UCLA delegates head downtown to highlight many ways campus serves L.A.

UCLA Day in Downtown LA is an opportunity for UCLA faculty, staff, students and supporters to inform local elected representatives and city and county officials about the many ways UCLA serves the community.

A UCLA delegation made up of more than 50 alumni, students, staff, community leaders and other friends will meet with members of the Los Angeles City Council and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Thursday to remind them of the tremendous impact UCLA has in the region.

“From the hundreds of community programs UCLA runs to the policy research done by its faculty, the services that the university provides are of critical benefit to the community,” said Chancellor Gene Block. “UCLA Day in Downtown LA is a chance for UCLA ambassadors to give local officials a firsthand account of the many ways the university serves Los Angeles.” 

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Advocate of the Year: Vito Costanzo Makes Pitch For Public Funding

Vito Costanzo will take home the Advocate of the Year Award at UCLA Day in Downtown.

Vito Costanzo ’94 isn’t really into the whole politics thing.

Yet this Thursday, Oct. 8, he will receive the UCLA Advocate of the Year award for his work lobbying local, state and federal officials on behalf of the university that has been intertwined with his family for years.

“You are explaining common sense principles,” he said. “This is not some sort of special interest group taking money away from another special interest group. This is a university working for the common good. Anyone can explain that to a legislator.

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Countdown to Downtown: Visual and Performing Arts Education Program Enriches Through Creativity

Students create silhouette art during the VAPAE Program’s AcademiCamp summer program.

Through the Visual and Performing Arts Education Program (VAPAE), UCLA is bringing arts education into underserved communities that desperately need it, and in the process, creating a new generation of future K-12 arts education teachers.

Originally called ArtsBridge, UCLA School of Arts and Architecture associate dean Barbara Drucker developed the VAPAE Program in 2010 into a school-wide minor, open to UCLA Arts undergraduates, as well as students across campus.


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Countdown to Downtown: Community Partners in Care Strives For Comprehensive Mental Health Care

Community Partners in Care combines the expertise of UCLA researchers and various community caregivers to help treat mental illness and depression.

Depression is a burden nobody should have to face alone, and through Community Partners in Care, it doesn’t have to be.

The program, established through the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and RAND, links key mental health and depression training through community agencies and outlets — literally from the barbershop to the primary care physician. The program particularly focuses on areas populated with ethnic minorities, a population that is more likely to struggle with the stigmatization of mental health issues and depression.

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